Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon is the main protagonist of both the manga/anime series of the same name. Her alter ego is Usagi/Serena Tsukino. She is known to be the leader/warrior of the Sailor Senshi and is considered to be a princess in the future. As a normal human, she spends her time being with her friends and also enjoying a good time for herself. Her main attribute is light. Her rival is Sora from the Kingdom Hearts series.


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Usagi/Serena is known for her laziness when she is a schoolgirl, due to the fact that she would rather be having fun instead of focusing on anything educational. But sometimes she can show that she can handle things that can make others feel good when it comes to being loyal and cheerful, which shows that she has a good heart.

But when she is Sailor Moon, she can be very serious, realiable, and showing some bravery when she fights evil.

Her favorite foods are anything sweet like cakes, cookies, and doughnuts. Her least favorite is carrots.

She is afraid of thunder, dentist, and for the most part which is school.

Favorite subject is Home Economics and her least is English and Math.

Her rival is Sora because of many different reasons. They both act as ordinary teenagers right before they became heroes and are known for being the main characters in their own series. They are the chosen ones to what they destined to do when they were informed by the forces of good; for Sailor Moon, she got her powers when a black cat named Luna who believes that Usagi/Serena is the one she is looking for who's job is to stop the dark forces of evil and restore peace on earth; Sora on the other hand was chosen by the Keyblade and use it as his main weapon after when his home was taken over by Heartless and his job to eliminate his enemies, visit different worlds and save them from any dangerous threat, and join forces with new allies and friends he meets along the way. They both have a strong sense of justice, have a strong heart, and both care for their friends. They both have the power to control light.They both often reluctant at times when they find things that can be difficult for them to handle but still fight for the greater good.They serve as a good role model to people who need support. They both carry a good luck charm for the ones they really love or care about in life and also promised to return it to them when the time comes. They sometimes show a sign of both doing the opposite of how they're feeling when they are not fighting evil; for Usagi/Serena she can be a little lazy and just being enjoying herself while Sora acts more carefree and just want enjoy the good life.