Sora (Kingdom Hearts)

Sora(Kingdom Hearts)

Sora is the main protagonist of the video game series Kingdom Hearts. He is best known for being a warrior and the holder of the Keyblade, which he uses it to bring justice for many evil he encounters and brings greater good on his many journeys he goes to. As a carefree teenager, he enjoys his life spending time with his friends and trying to see new worlds he has never seen before. His believes and and has power over light. His rival is Sailor Moon from the popular manga/anime series of the same name. 


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Sora is known for wanting to spend time on the things that he likes doing when he first lived in the islands like playing on the beach, chat with friends, getting into friendly competitions, and exploring new things right before his home was destroyed. At first, he was curious and carefree at what things are like when he went to the outside world, but when he did, he got what he wanted to do and was excited to get to visit different worlds and meet different characters along the way. 

When Sora is in battle, he tends to be corageous, shows a strong sense of justice, and is always there for someone who is in danger or when he's fighting evil.

His favorite foods are fish and sea salt ice cream.

He is afraid of getting old and sometimes being different.

He tends to very efficient and skillful when it comes to sword fighting and knows how to deal with his enemies, but sucks at believing that he might be overdoing it before going into battle.

His rival is Sailor Moon for many different reasons.They are both carefree but have good heart and care for there friends. They like to learn and try new things they never done before. They both believe in the light and are the chosen ones. They sometimes have doubts within themselves when they think that there is something that might get in their way. They carry a good luck charm from the ones they care about and has also made a promise to them that they will return it when the time comes and meet each other again. They both enjoy living the good life and having fun when they are not doing battles.